May 22, 2024

Moving Overseas to Kenya? Things to Know Before Shipping Household Goods and Other Items to Kenya

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As the biggest country in terms of landmass in Western Europe, France is home to a wide range of cargo shipping ports and this includes small, medium and large size ports. Three of the biggest shipping ports in France include the Port of Marseille, the Port of Brest and the Port of Le Havre.

With the fifth biggest economy in the world, 중국배대지 France is recognized for cultivating a skilled workforce and for attracting many visitors and investors. The French population is estimated around 65 million people, many of whom are immigrants from other parts of the world including the United States, Africa, and other European countries.

France is a popular destination and if you are among the many interested in moving overseas to France, you may want to ship your household goods and other personal items to France rather than purchasing new items once you arrive.

Before cargo shipping to France, you will need to get your paperwork in order. There are several important documents that you’ll need before cargo shipping to France. Along with the standard types of documents that you need most everywhere when you are shipping cargo overseas like a copy of your passport, there are other documents you’ll need specifically for cargo shipping to France. These include:

Certificat de Changement de Résidence. The Certificat de Changement de Résidence is a document that you need to request from the French Consulate in the country from where you are moving before you leave your current country of residence. This certificate should include the date that you entered the country and the date you are departing.

Certificat de Non Cession. Another important document you’ll need if you are shipping cargo to France is the Certificat de Non Cession. This document is to assure to the French customs office that the items that you are shipping are personal belongings and household goods that do not have commercial value.

Detailed Inventory List. Before shipping cargo to France, you’ll want to make a detailed inventory list that includes specific information about the value of each of your items. This document is for customs. You must sign and complete this document